Groucho: What do you do with your camels? How do you rent them? By the hour?
Chico: I just fill them up with water and they go for eight days.
Groucho: What do you feed them?
Chico: Peanuts - it's the healthiest food in the world.
Groucho: How do you know?
Chico: I was a monkey for three years.
Groucho: It's been longer than that.
By the way, what are your rates?
Chico: Twenty francs for a camel with two humps, and ten francs for a camel with one hump.
Groucho: What do you charge for a camel with no humps?
Chico: A camel with no humps is a horse. I gotta horse too, but the horse has a bump.
Groucho: If I could get back down there I'd go that way.
Chico: Don't worry about the price, Boss. Whatever you got - I take.